Patrick Francis Moran

[Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran] Cardinal, third Archbishop of Sydney, Australia; born County Carlow, Ireland, 1830; died Sydney, Australia, 1911. Educated at the Irish College, and the Propaganda, Rome, he was ordained, 1853. He was appointed vice-rector of the Irish College, Professor of Hebrew at the Propaganda, and vice-rector of the Scots College. In 1886 he became secretary to Cardinal Cullen, and professor of Scripture at Clonliffe College. Selected as coadjutor-Bishop of Ossory, he was consecrated Bishop of alba, and established many religious institutions, introduced the Sisters of Mercy into the Irish work-houses, and erected industrial schools for boys and girls, conducted by the Sisters of Charity. The Brief of Dr Moran's translation to Sydney was issued, 1884, and he occupied this see until his death. Among his principal works are: Memoir of Oliver Plunket, Persecutions of Irish Catholics, Irish Saints in Great Britain, Civilization of Ireland; he also contributed to the Catholic Encyclopedia.

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