Bartolomé Estéban Murillo

[The Marriage of Saint Catherine] Painter, born Seville, Spain, 1617; died there, 1682. He scarcely left his native city except for several years in Madrid, 1642-1645, when under the guidance of his teacher, Velasquez, he studied the Italian and Spanish masterpieces of the capital. His work is almost exclusively religious, the exceptions being some portraits and a few genre pieces, such as the well-known pictures of boys eating fruit. He is preeminently the painter of the Immaculate Conception, having treated this subject twenty times. Two beautiful examples are in the Louvre, and several in the Prado in Madrid. Other notable paintings often reproduced are "The Holy Family," in the National Gallery, "The Madonna and Child" of the Pitti Gallery, and the "Saint Anthony of Padua" of the Seville cathedral.

New Catholic Dictionary

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