[state seal of Nebraska] The 37th state to be admitted to the United States, 1 March 1867. One of the earliest Catholic settlements of Nebraska was founded in Dakota County in 1855 by a group under the leadership of Reverend J. F. Tracy. It was known as Saint Patrick Settlement, and from his church of Saint John, Father Tracy attended similar colonies in Omaha, and in Nebraska City, where there was soon a German group under the Benedictine, Father Hartig. In the former city a church was erected, 1856, on land donated by Governor Alfred Cumming, the first Mass having been said in his house. In 1874 a group of Catholics from Boston, led by General John O'Neill, settled in Holt County and founded the town which still bears their leader's name. Some members of this settlement moved shortly into Greeley County, to a site still known as O'Connor, named in honor of Bishop James O'Connor of Omaha.

Catholic influence on the place-names of the state is shown in the following: Ecclesiastically the state is governed by the archdiocese of and the dioceses of See also
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