Catholic Near East Welfare Association

Established by the Holy See, 1926, by merging all existing works of the Church in the United States in behalf of Russia and the Near East. Confided to the care of the cardinals and bishops of the United States, with headquarters in New York City. The immediate concern of the Association is the relief of physical distress, but in order to insure humanity against a repetition of causal conditions, the Holy Father set forth a program of social and spiritual service, including the erection of colleges, schools, and orphanages, instruction in sanitation and hygiene, the maintenance of agricultural communities, the fortifying of religious principles, and a frank study of the causes petuating schism between East and West. To aid in understanding these peoples, the "Pontifical Institute for Oriental Studies" was founded in Rome and is largely dependent on the Association for spport. In addition to the program outlined, the Association has cooperated with the League of Nations, the American Red Cross, and other international relief agencies; and a special fund has been created for Russians in France. The Association, a permanent pontifical society, may be called the pope's "community chest" for international charities. See also the association's web site.

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