necrologies; obituaries

Lists which contain the names of the dead whose souls are to be prayed for. These lists were kept principally by religious, orders, monasteries, and cathedral chapters. They contained the names not only of the deceased brethren, but also of the servants and the benefactors. The lists were frequently made up in book-form, though sometimes they were to be found on the margins of martyrologies. At one time the names were read out at the Mass, but later the custom arose of reading them in the chapter. These medieval necrologies form an important source both for history and philology. The following year books now contain such lists: "Annuaire Pontifical Catholique," "The Catholic Directory for the United States," "Catholic Directory of England and Wales," "Australian Catholic Directory," "Irish Catholic Directory," "The Catholic Directory for the Clergy and Laity in Scotland," "Catholic Directory of India."

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