Passion Play of Oberammergau

First mentioned 1633, when the people of Ammergau, to obtain relief from the black death vowed to produce the play every ten years. It was enacted and well known as early its 1634, hence productions must have appeared before that date. The oldest existing text was written about 1600 and contains traces of two older dramas. A Passion text by the Augsburg MeistersInger, Sebastian Wild, was woven into it together with parts of the Weilheim Passion Play of Rector Johann Aelbel. In the 18th century the Benedictine Rosner remodeled the text after the Jesuit drama. This version was reduced to a simpler form 1780, by the Benedictine Knipfelberger. Finally P. Otmar Weiss and M. Daisenberger gave it its present simple and dignified form and transcribed the verse into prose. Stage and costuming are adapted to modern requirements. The music is by Rochus Dedler.

New Catholic Dictionary

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