Eugene O'Curry

Catholic philologist and scholar. Born Dunaha, County Clare, Ireland, 1796; died Dublin, Ireland, 1862. Appointed to the topographical and historical department of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, 1834, he was brought into touch with Irish manuscripts, which with his associate John O'Donovan he later published in part. Self-taught scholar of the Irish language, from which he translated numerous volumes, and by means of which he obtained a far-reaching knowledge of the literature of Ireland. In 1855 he obtained the chair of Irish history and archreology in the Catholic University of Dublin, where he delivered a remarkable series of lectures, published later as Manuscript Materials of Ancient Irish History and Manners and Customs of the Ancient Irish. He was engaged in editing and translating the Brehon Laws when he died. The immense collection of letters and documents, the result of his and his associates labors for the Ordnance Survey, were kept unpublished by the British Government for fear of stirring up Irish national sentiment.

New Catholic Dictionary

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