John O'Donovan

[John O'Donovan] Catholic historian, philologist and antiquarian. Born Atateemore, County Kilkenny, Ireland, 1806; died Dublin, Ireland, 1861. Beginning the study of Irish at an early age, he was introduced by Hardiman to a circle of famous scholars, and became with O'Curry, his brother-in-law, the supreme authority on ancient Irish affairs. Professor of Celtic at Queen's College, Belfast. He was the mainstay of the chief Irish archaeological reviews of his day. He is most popularly known by his Irish Grammar, and his edition of the Annals of the Four Masters. His series of scholarly letters written in connection with his work for the Ordnance Survey of Ireland, like O'Curry's, were kept unpublished by the British Government for fear of rekindling flames of Irish patriotism.

New Catholic Dictionary

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