Johann OEcolampadius

[Johann OEcolampadius] Theologian, organizer of Protestantism at Basel; born Weinsberg, Swabia, 1482; died Basel, Switzerland, 1531. While studying at Heidelberg he was deeply interested in mysticism, without obtaining a good foundation in Scholasticism. As cathedral preacher at Augsburg he joined the pro-Lutheran humanists, 1519. The following year he entered the Brigittines of Altomunster, but left, 1522, when his un-Catholic opinions on confession and the Holy Eucharist rendered his position untenable. Settling at Basel, he advocated the new doctrines, adopting Zwingli's views on the words of institution at the Last Supper. Although he could not change conditions at Basel immediately, after he had won over the secular authority, he did not rest until Catholic worship was suppressed.

New Catholic Dictionary

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