Edmund O'Reilly

Catholic theologian. Born in London, England on 30 April 1811; died in Dublin, Ireland on 10 November 1878. Educated at Clongowes and Maynooth and studied theology for several years in the Roman College; Doctor of Divinity. Ordained as a priest in 1838. Taught theology for 13 years at Maynooth College. Entered the Jesuit novitiate at Naples, Italy. Taught theology for several years at Saint Beuno's College in North Wales. Professor of theology at the Catholic University of Ireland. Rector of a house of spiritual exercises at Milltown Park near Dublin, and Provincial of Ireland from 1863 to 1870. Constantly consulted on theological questions by the bishops and priests of Ireland. Cardinal Newman in his famous Letter to the Duke of Norfolk calls him "a great authority" and "one of the first theologians of the day". His chief work was The Relations of the Church to Society.

New Catholic Dictionary

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