Conde Benoist Pallen

Poet and writer; born Saint Louis, Missouri, 1858; died New York, New York, 1929. Educated at Georgetown University, B.A., 1880; M..A., 1883; Ph.D., Saint Louis University, 1885. He occupied the chair of philosophy at Saint Louis University and became widely known as a lecturer on philosophical, economic, and literary subjects. He edited Church Progress and the Catholic World, 1887-1897; was Catholic revisory editor for Encyclopedia Americana and the New International Encyclopedia. Managing editor of the Catholic Encyclopedia, 1905-1914. President of the Encyclopedia Press, 1912-1920. One of the editors of Universal Knowledge, and of The New Catholic Dictionary, and regular contributor to leading Catholic periodicals. Pope Leo XIII conferred upon him the medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice, and Pope Pius XI made him a Knight of Saint Gregory. His writings include The Philosophy of Literature, The Feast of Thalarchus, What is Liberalism?, Epochs of Literature, New Rubaiyat, The Death of Sir Lancelot and Other Poems, As Man to Man, Ghost House, The King's Coil, etc.

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