Domenico Palmieri

Theologian, born Piacenza, Italy, 1829; died Rome, Italy, 1909. He entered the Society of Jesus, 1852, and taught in several colleges, finally becoming professor of Scripture and Oriental languages at Maestricht, 1880-1887. He was one of the first to direct attention to the errors in Loisy's writings. His interesting "Institutiones philosophicae" (Philosophical Principles), delivered at the Roman College, followed the Scholastic method but differed from the common teaching of the School in many points, such as the composition of bodies, animal and plant life, the reality of accidents, and the necessity of intelligible species in cognition; his reputation rests chiefly on his treatises of dogmatic theology, so Gomplete from the positive, Scholastic, and polemic viewpoints. His other works include a valuable work on moral theology based on Antonio Ballerini's studies, as a result of which he was named theologian to the Sacred Penitetiary; and a commentary on Dante's "Divine Comedy".

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