Parma, Italy

Town and former duchy in northern Italy. A Roman colony in 183 B.C., Parma had a bishop in A.D. 378. From the 10th century the prelates enjoyed temporal power, but in 1106 it was resigned by Saint Bernardo. Parma was erected into a duchy in 1545 by Pope Paul III, and this status continued until 1731, after which period it was controlled successively by Spain, Austria, France, and finally annexed to the Kingdom of Italy (1860). The town possesses a fine Lombard cathedral begun in 1060, and many art treasures, especially those of Correggio.

Parma is the seat of a diocese founded in the 4th century. Formerly directly dependent on the Holy See. Suffragen of the archdiocese of Modena-Nonantola. Blessed Andrea Carlo Ferrari served as a priest in the diocese, Blessed Guido Maria Conforti as one of its bishops. See also
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