Patrician Brothers; Brothers of Saint Patrick

Religious order founded by Daniel Delaney, Bishop of Kildare, at Tullow, Ireland, in 1808, for the religious and literary education of youth and the instruction of the faithful in Christian piety. The founder chose seven catechetical instructors in the Sunday schools to form the nucleus of the new order, and the congregation was established as a diocesan institution. Filiations sprang up in other dioceses of Ireland, the Brothers were invited to India and Australia, and foundations were made at Sydney, and Madras. In 1888, the congregation was approved by Pope Leo XIII, as a result of which the Brothers have been enabled to perfect and extend their congregation in Ireland, and to open new colleges, schools, and orphanages in Australia and India. A scheme of technical and scientific study has been introduced into their schools, while by their orphanages and industrial schools, they aid thousands of youths to maintain responsible positions. The mother-house is situated at Tullow, Ireland.

New Catholic Dictionary

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