Paul of Samosata

Bishop of Antioch and heretic against whom probably three synods were held, 264-269, at Antioch. As he was the viceroy of Queen Zenobia, he was of considerable political importance and was notorious for his haughtiness, immoral life, and illicit acquisition of wealth. Considered a follower of Artemas, he held that the Word and the Holy Ghost were not Divine Persons, but simply Attributes of God, and denied the essential Divinity of Christ, claiming Him to be a mere man, born of a virgin, and inspired by God in a an unusual manner. After several synods convened against him had borne no results, he was condemned as a heretic and finally deposed. His followers did not disappear at once, and traces of his doctrines are found in the Lucianist and Arian Systems.

New Catholic Dictionary

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