Pietro Pierleone; Anacletus II

Antipope from 1130 to 1138; born Rome, Italy; died there. Of Jewish extraction, his family had been a powerful Roman faction, opposing the Frangipani. A Benedictine and a cardinal-deacon, he was employed on important missions by successive pontiffs. He was elected by the Pierleone faction, on the same day as Innocent II; both were crowned on the same day but in different churches. Pierleone was supported by the Frangipani, Roger of Sicily, and the Roman populace. The Christian powers, due to the efforts of Saint Norbert and Saint Bernard, supported the legitimate pontiff who ex-communicated Pierleone at the Council of Rheims, 1131. Emperor Lothair accompanied the true pope to Rome but his opponent entrenched himself in the Castle Sant' Angelo and Innocent was forced to flee to Pisa. The schism ended when the antipope died and Innocent was called to Rome.

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