Bernardino di Betto di Biagio Pinturicchio

Painter; born Perugia, Italy, 1454; died Siena, Italy, 1513. The pupil of Fiorenzo di Lorenzo, he assisted Perugino, 1482, in the decoration of the Sistine Chapel; the "Baptism of Christ" and the "Journey of Moses into Egypt" being generally attributed to him. His work was mainly fresco done in tempera; brilliant in color and enlivened with gold relief. He decorated a chapel of the church of Ara Caeli with incidents of the life of Saint Bernard of Siena. His greatest accomplishment was the decoration of the Borgia Apartments in the Vatican, executed for Alexander VI, and including an unflattering portrait of the patron. In the Piccolomini Library of the cathedral of Siena he painted ten scenes from the life of the future Pope Pius II, helped possibly by the young Raphael. Essentially a decorative artist, his religious paintings lack spirituality.

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