Plagues of Egypt

Ten calamities sent by God to the Egyptians to overcome the obstinacy of Pharao, and consequently to force him to let the children of Israel leave Egypt (Exodus 7 and 12). Of the ten plagues seven were directly wrought through the agency of Moses and Aaron, or of Moses alone. The 4th, 5th, and 10th were wrought directly by God. They are:
  1. the water of the river and all the canals and pools of Egypt was turned into blood and became so corrupted that the Egyptians could not drink it, and the fish in the waters perished
  2. an immense number of frogs, which caused great discomfort
  3. swarms of gnats which tormented men and beasts
  4. pest of flies
  5. murrain or cattle-pest which killed only the cattle of the Egyptians
  6. epidemic of boils on man and beast
  7. hailstorm which wrought terrific havoc
  8. plague of locusts
  9. the horrible darkness which covered the earth for three days
  10. the destruction of all the first- born of Egypt on one night
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