Andreas Pozzo

[Andreas Pozzo] Also known as Puteus. Painter and architect. Born on 30 November 1642 in Trent, Italy; died on 31 August 1709 in Vienna, Austria. He studied painting in early youth, and entering the Society of Jesus as a lay-brother at twenty-four, devoting his life to the decoration chiefly of churches of the Society. His sense of perspective made him especially successful in fresco work on Ceiling and dome, as in the church of San Ignazio in Rome. Other examples are in the church of San Bartolommeo at Modena, and the Cassinese Abbey at Arezzo. In architecture he was essentially Baroque, as in the elaborate altars of the Gesu in Rome and Gli Scalzi in Venice. One of his admired paintings is the Saint Francis Borgia in the Gesu.

New Catholic Dictionary

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