confraternities of priests

Societies of ecclesiastics, linked together by a bond of brotherhood, for mutual co-operation in the pursuit of a specific object of religion or charity, by means of prayer, example, and counsel. The particular aims of these confraternities are personal holiness, ecclesiastical learning, and mutual financial aid. Some religious exercises required by these associations are the half-hour's meqitation, Mass with preparation and thanksgiving of 15 minutes, visits to the Blessed Sacrament, the devout recitation of the Breviary and Rosary, weekly confession, monthly recollection, and biennial retreats. Many societies of secular clergy in Spain are included among confraternities because of the importance assigned to the duty of visiting sick brethren, affording them both material aid and spiritual comfort, and administering to them the sacraments. The three most important confraternities of priests are
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