Society for the Propagation of the Faith

An international association for the assistance, by prayers and alms, of Catholic missionary priests, brothers, and nuns engaged in preaching the Gospel in non-Christian and non-Catholic countries. Founded on 3 May 1822, at a meeting called at Lyons, France, by Father Inglesi, Vicar-General of New Orleans, when the efforts of an association founded by Pauline Jaricot were united with those in the United States. The organization is very simple; to become a member it is necessary only to recite daily prayers for the missions and to contribute at least 5 cents monthly to the general fund. The president is Monsignor Marchetti-Salvaggiani, and the society is attached to the Congregation of the Propaganda, the head of which is Cardinal Van Rossum. It is administered by two general councils, one in Lyons, and one in Paris, each composed of 12 clergymen and laymen of recognized business ability, and noted for zeal and piety. They keep in close touch with the missions, and serve as headquarters for the distribution of alms received from the delegates; at the beginning of each year the total sum collected during the past year is distributed.

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