The name of a family of well-known Catholic publishers. The founder was Friedrich Pustet (1798-1882) of Passau, later of Ratisbon, who set up one of the first printing machines and erected a paper factory for which he procured the first paper machine in Bavaria. In 1845, he began printing liturgical works. His sons extended the business: Karl (1839-1910) superintended the German works; Klemens (1833-1898), the paper factory; and Friedrich (1831-1902), the liturgical works, which earned for him the title of "Typographus S. R. Congregationis" and the honor of being entrusted by the Vatican with the editio typica of all the liturgical works. They were succeeded by Friedrich Pustet, the son of Friedrich, and Ludwig, the son of Karl, who have established branches in Rome, Cincinnati, and New York.

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