Religious of Perpetual Adoration

[seal of the Tabernacle Society] An institute founded at Brussels, Belgium in 1857 by Anna de Meeus, with the object of reviving faith in the Real Presence. Retreats are conducted by the religious and instruction given to children and converts, but the special work of the community is the direction of the Association of Perpetual Adoration and Work for Poor Churches (in America, popularly known as the "Tabernacle Society"), a world-wide organization, having its center in Rome, enjoying fullest papal approbation and enriched with many indulgences and spiritual favors. Erected an arch-association in 1853, it is subordinate in government to the Institute as a religious body, though one with it in name and object. The Institute has houses, each a center of the association, in Rome, Belgium, Holland, England, and the United States. The mother-house is at Watermael, Belgium.

New Catholic Dictionary

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