Matteo Ricci

[Matteo Ricci] Jesuit, founder of the Catholic Chinese missions. Born on 6 October 1552 in Macerata, Italy; died on 11 May 1610 in Beijing, China. In 1578 with Father de Ruggieri, he began missionary labors at Chao-k'ing, Canton; he first won the interest of the natives by exhibiting scientific instruments, then gradually introduced religious instruction. He labored very successfully in Shao-chow, and was called to Beijing by the emperor in 1601. His treatise on the True Doctrine of God, written in Chinese, became the manual of the missionaries. The policy he adopted in allowing the Chinese to retain various rites provoked a bitter controversy after his death. On 9 April 1984 his cause for canonization was introduced. If you have information relevant his cause, contact Curia Diocesana di Macerata, Piazza Strambi, 3, 62019 Macerata, Italy.

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