Congregation of Rites

Created by Pope Sixtus V on 2 January 1588; its prefect is a cardinal. The officials peculiar to this Congregation are the Promotor of the Faith (popularly called the devil's advocate), who raises objections against beatifications and canonizations, and the hymnographer, who prepares and corrects new offices. There are two groups of consultors: one for beatifications and canonizations, the other for sacred liturgy. This Congregation is charged with the direction of the liturgy of the Latin Church and therefore with supervising the performance of the rites prescribed for celebrating Mass and other ecclesiastical functions. It also grants all privileges relating to the rites and ceremonies of the Church. The inspection, correction, and condemnation of liturgical books, the approbation of new liturgical feasts and offices, and the solution of all doubts about liturgical matters pertain to it. To it also belongs the decision of causes of beatification and canonization of the faithful, and of the veneration of their relics.

New Catholic Dictionary

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