Robert of Geneva

Anti-pope Clement VII in 1378. Born in 1342 at Geneva, Switzerland, the son of Amadeus III, Count of Geneva, of the House of Savoy; died on 16 September 1394 in Avignon, France. Bishop of Therouanne in 1361, Archbishop of Cambrai in 1368, papal legate in Upper Italy, created cardinal in 1371. Noted for his avarice and cruelty. in 1377 he personally commanded troops lent to the papacy by the condottiere John Hawkwood to reduce Cesena. Forli, which resisted being added to the Patrimony of Peter; there he oversaw the massacre of 4000 civilians, an atrocity even by the rules of war at the time, which earned him the nickname Butcher of Cesena. The Western Schism was opened when he was elected to the papacy at Fondi by the French cardinals, who falsely claimed that they had elected Pope Urban VI under intimidation. Robert was unable to secure Rome and took up his abode at Avignon. He made no sincere effort to end the schism and even donated a large part of the Papal States to Duke Louis of Anjou. His claims were supported by a number of the Latin countries, some of the minor German States, Scotland, Denmark, and Norway.

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