University of Saint Andrews

Saint Andrews, Fife, Scotland. Founded by Henry Wardlaw, Bishop of Saint Andrews, in 1411. Founded by a Bull of the anti-pope Benedict XIII, whose claims Scotland supported. It comprised three colleges: The colleges escaped when the priory (cradle of the university), and the churches were destroyed at the Reformation. Saint Salvator's and Saint Leonard's were amalgamated in 1747, and are now known as the United Colleges. University College, Dundee, incorporated in 1897, houses the scientific departments. The Marquess of Bute, Catholic benefactor of the university, and lord rector from 1892 to 1898, proposed to affiliate the Catholic Seminary of Blairs College, Aberdeen, but was unsuccessful. Gavin Douglas, Bishop of Dunkeld, poet, was an early pupil. The university is co-educational; it includes faculties of divinity, medicine, arts, science, and law, and today they have about 7,000 students. For more information see the university web site.

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