Michael Servetus

[Michael Servetus] Theologian, anti-trinitarian, humanist, and physician. Born 29 September 1511 at Tudela, Navarre, Spain; burned at the stake on 27 October 1553 at Geneva, Switzerland. He studied in Toulouse, traveled in Germany, and in 1531 published his treatise De Trinitatis Erroribus, a strong Unitarian work which caused a disturbance among the more orthodox reformers, who denounced him as "a wicked and cursed Spaniard." He disputed with Calvin at Paris in 1534, studied medicine, and discovered the lesser circulation of the blood. When his Christianismi Restitutio appeared, he was imprisoned and burnt in effigy in Vienne. He arrived at Geneva on 13 August 1553, when Calvin drew up 40 charges against him, as he felt that the stigma of heresy would cling to all Protestants if Servetus were not put to death.

New Catholic Dictionary

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