[Pope John XII]
Also known as
Count of Tusculum. Son of Alberic, who secured John's election to the papacy at age 18. 130th pope.

Notoriously immoral, his pontificate was such a disgrace that the Lateran was known as a brothel. He called on Otto I to help him against Berengar II of Italy, and in return he crowned Otto the first German emperor on 2 February 962. Later, deciding he did not care for the emperor meddling in papal affairs, John sided with Berengar party against Otto; Otto invaded Rome, and called a synod that deposed John on 4 December 963, and elected Leo VIII as pope. John was restored by Roman insurrectionists 26 February 964, but died soon after.
c.937 in Rome, Italy as Octavian
Papal Ascension
16 December 955
14 May 964 at Rome, Italy; murdered by any one of a number of parties unknown, or following a stroke that hit during an adulterous liason - stories vary
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