Pope John XIII

[Pope John XIII]
One of five children born to a noble but corrupt Roman family. Ordained in Rome. Bishop of Narni. 133rd pope during a time of dispute over the throne. A group who oppsed his connection to Emperor Otto I had him imprisoned in December 965 in the Castle of Sant' Angelo. John escaped and hid with Prince Pandulf of Capua, until restored to his throne on 14 November 966 by the intervention of Otto. Active in organizing and extending the Church hierarchy. Decided numerous questions of ecclesiastical law. Conducted a synod at Saint Peter's on 11 January 967. Conducted a synod at Ravenna, Italy in April 967 where he confirmed establishment of the diocese of Magdeburg. Crowned emperer Otto I's son, 13 year old Otto II, as joint emperor on 25 December 967.
at Rome, Italy
Papal Ascension
1 October 965
6 September 972 at Rome, Italy of natural causes
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