Pope Benedict IX

[Pope Benedict IX]
Son of Alberic. Nephew of two previous popes. Count of Tusculum, Italy. 146th pope at age 20 due to the political machinations of his father. Notoriously corrupt, in 1044 he was driven from the throne as unfit to rule by a Roman faction. He returned in 1045, removing antipope, John of Sabina. Soon after, he abdicated in favor of Gregory VI. He later changed his mind and tried to return to power. Holy Roman Emperor Henry III intervened, threw out all three of them, and Clement II was elected pope. Upon Clement's death in 1047 Benedict seized the throne, but in 1048 he was forced out by Clement's successor, Damasus II.
Papal Ascension
at Grottaferrata, Italy
1037: Saint John of Beverly
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