Pope Clement II

[Pope Clement II]
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Member of the Saxon nobility; son of Count Konrad of Morsleben and Hornburg and his wife Amulrad. Canon in Halberstadt. Chaplain and chancellor to King Henry III. Bishop of Bamberg, Bavaria from 1040 to 1046. Chosen 149th pope in December 1046 with the backing of King Henry. Chosen pope during a period of turmoil; at one point there were three "popes" in Rome, representing more of local politics than universal religion: Benedict IX, Sylvester III and Gregory VI. The Synod of Sutri denied all their claims and declared the seat vacant. A reluctant Suidger was chosen; he insisted he could remain bishop of Bamberg so he would have a place to go if he was run out of town by the Romans.

He reigned for only ten months. Known for his personal integrity and strict morality. Crowned King Henry as Holy Roman Emperor. Convened a synod in Rome in January 1047 to take action against simony; he declared excommunication on anyone selling offices or relics. Settled disputes between dioceses. Supported reform efforts among the clergy and religious.
in 1005 in Hornburg, Lower Saxony (in modern Germany) as Suidger of Morsleben
Papal Ascension
25 December 1046
9 October 1047 near Pesaro, Italy while travelling back to Rome from Germany; cause of death is unknown, and there were suspicions of poisoning at the time; interred in Bamburg, the only pope buried in Germany
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