Pope Honorius II

[Pope Honorius II]
Also known as
Lamberto Scannabecchi
Archdeacon of Bologna, Italy. Canon of the Lateran. Cardinal-priest. Cardinal-Bishop of Ostia. Accompanied Pope Saint Gelasius II into exile. Through his efforts, Henry V was reconciled with the papacy at the Concordat of Worms. Chosen 163rd pope. Eliminated friction concerning the right of investiture by securing the German throne for Lothair of Supplinburg; Lothair renounced many of the ecclesiastical claims former kings had seized from the papacy. Honorius was forced to compromise with Roger of Sicily about lands bequeathed to the Holy See by William of Apulia.
at Fagnano, Italy as Lamberto Scannabecchi
Papal Ascension
21 December 1124
13 February 1130 at Rome, Italy
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