Pope Innocent VII

[Pope Innocent VII]
Also known as
Cosimo de' Migliorati
Studied civil and canon law in Perugia, Padua and Bologna. Papal collector to England for ten years. Bishop of Bologna in 1386. Archbishop of Ravenna on 5 December 1387. Cardinal-priest of Santa Croce in 1389, appointed by Pope Boniface XI. Papal legate to Lombardy and Tuscany in 1390. Noted for his learning, his personal piety, and his skill as a financial manager. Pope, elected unanimously during the Great Schism; Benedict XIII sat as rival pope at Avignon.

Due to the unsettled state of affairs in Rome, and Innocent's distruct of Benedict, the new pope accomplished little toward repairing the schism.

Innocent made his nephew Ludovico Migliorati a cardinal; Ludovico promptly had some of the pope's opponents murdered. Innocent had nothing to do with this, but reaction to the killings caused him to flee to Viterbo. However, with the truth out, he was soon recalled by people of Rome.
c.1336 at Sulmona, Abruzzi, Italy as Cosimo de' Migliorati
17 October 1404
6 November 1406 in Rome of natural causes
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