Pope Julius II

[portrait of Pope Julius II]
Also known as
Giuliano della Rovere
Born to an impoverished noble family, the son of Raffaelo della Rovere and Theodora Manerola. Nephew of Pope Sixtus IV. Educated by Franciscans at Perugia, Italy, but apparently never joined the Order. Priest. He apparently did not take all his vows seriously, and was the father of three daughters. Cardinal of San Pietro ad Vincula on 15 December 1471. Bishop of Carpentras, France from 1471 to 1472. Bishop of Lausanne, Switzerland from 1472 to 1476. Bishop of Catania, Sicily from 1473 to 1474. Archbishop of Avignon, France from 1474 to 1503. Led an army to Umbria, Italy to restore papal authority in 1474. Bishop of Coutances, France from 1476 to 1477. Papal legate to France in 1476. Bishop of Viviers, France from 1477 to 1479. Bishop of Mende, France from 1478 to 1483. Bishop of Sabina, Italy from 1479 to 1483. Papal legate to France and the Netherlands in 1480. Bishop of Bologna, Italy from 1483 to 1502. Bishop of Ostia, Italy from 1483 to 1503. Worked for, and even bribed other cardinals to obtain the election of Pope Innocent VIII in 1484, believing that he could control Innocent from behind the scenes. Bishop of Lodève, France from 1488 to 1489. A rivalry had developed between him and Rodrigo Borgia, and when Borgia was chosen pope as Alexander VI in 1492, Giuliano moved to Ostia and then to Paris. From there he worked to convoke a council to depose Alexander, but failed. The two effected a treaty, but Giuliano did not trust Alexander, and returned to France. Bishop of Savona, Italy from 1499 to 1502. Bishop of Vercelli, Italy from 1502 to 1503. Giuliano grew wealthy from these offices, and spent largely on building and supporting the fine arts. Upon Alexander's death, Giuliano supported the election of Pope Pius III, going so far as to bribe other cardinals. Pius died soon after, however, and Giuliano was unanimously chosen 216th pope in the shortest conclave in the history of the papacy.
5 December 1443 at Albissola, Italy as Giuliano della Rovere
Papal Ascension
elected 1 November 1503; installed 26 November 1503
21 February 1513 at Rome, Italy of natural causes
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