Pope Adrian VI

[coat of arms of Pope Adrian VI]
Also known as
Adrian Florensz
Son of the pious Florentius Dedel, who died when his son was very young. Adrian taught philosophy at Louvain. Dean of the collegiate church, and later vice-chancellor. In 1506 he became tutor of the young prince who would later be the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Grand Inquisitor. Regent of Spain in 1520. Pope. The ascetic and pious Adrian found a Vatican where Roman life was extravagant, papal expenditures lavish, and the Curia in need of reform. He did his best to curb these abuses, and to stir Christians to oppose the advancing Turks, but he died after only 20 months.
2 March 1459 at Utrecht, Nederlands as Adrian Florensz
Papal Ascension
9 January 1522
1523: Saint Antonius of Florence
1523: Saint Benno
14 September 1523 at Rome, Italy of natural causes
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