Pope Marcellus II

[Pope Marcellus II]
Also known as
Marcellus Corvini; Marcello Cervini Degli Spannochi
Son of Ricardo Cervini, the Apostolic treasurer of the March of Ancona, and a member of the nobility. Studied at Siena and Rome, Italy. Secretary to Pope Paul III. Bishop of Nicastro. Cardinal-priest of Santa Croce on 19 December 1539. Papal legate to the imperial court. Reforming bishop of Reggio in 1540. Bishop of Gubbio in 1544. One of the presidents of the Council of Trent, representing the pope in all sessions from 13 December 1545 until the council moved to Bologna on 14 September 1547. Vatican librarian in 1548; he hugely expanded the library, revised the catalogs, and began the printing of rare manuscripts. 222nd pope in 1555. Known as a man of integrity, tact and ability. He began his papacy working for reform; he was so opposed to nepotism that he forbade his nephews to even come to Rome. His health was very poor, however; the strain of the ceremonies were too much for him, and he lived only 22 days after his election.
6 May 1501 at Montepulciano, Tuscany, Italy as Marcello Cervini Degli Spannochi
Papal Ascension
elected 9 April 1555; crowned on 10 April 1555
6 May 1555 at Rome, Italy of natural causes
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