Pope Alexander VIII

Also known as
Pietro Ottoboni
Born to the nobility, the son of Marco Ottoboni, Chancellor of the Republic of Venice. Earned a doctorate in civil and canon law from the University of Padua. Governor of Terni, Rieti, and Spoleto. Auditor of the Vatican Rota for 14 years. Created cardinal on 19 February 1652 by Pope Innocent X. Bishop of Brescia. Cardinal-datary. 241st pope in 1689. King Louis XIV restored Avignon to him. Voided the Declaration of Gallican Liberties. Subsidized Venice's conflict with the Turks. Enlarged the Vatican Library.
April 1610 in Venice, Italy as Pietro Ottoboni
Papal Ascension
5 October 1689
1 February 1691 in Rome, Italy of natural causes
1690: Saint Kinga
1690: Saint John of Capistrano
1690: Saint John of God
1690: Saint John of Sahagun
1690: Saint Lawrence Giustiniani
1690: Saint Pascal Baylon
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Lives and Times of the Popes, by Chevalier Artaud De Montor
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