Prayer for the Sacrament of Reconciliation

Father of infinite compassion and mercy, we recognize the truth of Your persistent love and acceptance. We recognize our frailties and limits in finding the inner harmony and personal integrity for which our human hearts so ardently yearn. By the power of Your Spirit, help us to turn to Your Son, Jesus, present in the community of faith, for the reconciling power He alone can give. Heal the wounds and hurts which divide us. Renew our minds and hearts as people bound to you in covenant. Let us experience a genuine inner conversion from the paralysis of sin, so that with all Your saints we may live in the freedom of Your children, acknowledging the dominion of Jesus' power in our lives. May we find in the sacrament of reconciliation an experience of worship in spirit and in truth, so that we may ever proclaim our Eucharistic praise of Your healing acceptance and transforming love. Amen.

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