Prayer to Christ Who Influences the Whole World

Lord, kings are guided by your cross, and queens follow the way of your love. The world is held in the palm of your hand, and the universe rests in your love. Your song is found in the mouths of children, and your psalms are on the lips of women. Your feasts are filled with praises by the world and its children who please you. Lord, let your wrath be dissipated for our necks are too frail to sustain your sword. Bring all wars to an end, and fill the earth with peace and tranquility. Put a halt to earthquakes, and give the just peaceful and contrite hearts. In your mercy, grant us good harvests, and let all rejoice in the products of their work. May we enjoy a pleasant summer and be blessed with a mild winter. Turn away your wrath, and pour down your mercy on us. Amen.

Cyrillona, Mesopotamian Deacon and Bishop

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