Hymn to the Holy Trinity
To God, the Father and the Son
And Holy Spirit, three in one,
Be endless glory, as before
The world began, so evermore.

Our morning lauds to Thee we raise,
To Thee our evenings songs of praise:
Oh, may it still our glory be
To hymn Thy name eternally.

While shines the morning-star, whose ray
Gives tidings of the new-born day,
And westward glides the mighty gloom,
Let Thy pure light our souls illume.

O God, Whose mercy passeth thought,
Whose power this world's vast fabric wrought;
One nature we adore in Thee,
And in one nature persons three.

These hours, my humble offering
To Thee, blest Trinity, I bring;
Oh, be Thou gracious unto me,
Lord, in my final agony;
And grant that we may all obtain
The glories of Thy heavenly reign.

Aylward: Annus Sanctus

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