Saint Arnulf of Metz

[Saint Arnulf of Metz]Also known as

  • Arnold
  • Arnoul



Courtier and advisor of Austrasian King Theodebert II. Soldier. Married the Lady Doda. Father. From his son Ansegisel and Saint Begga of Ardenne came the Carolingian kings of France. Widower. In 610, when Arnulf was about to become a monk at LĂ©rins, he was appointed bishop of Metz, France. He played a prominent role in affairs of state, was instrumental in making Clotaire of Neustria king of Austrasia, was chief counselor to King Dagobert of Austrasia. In 626 Arnulf resigned his see and retired to a hermitage near the abbey of Remiremont.




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