Saint Bertille

[Pictorial Lives of the Saints: Saint Bertille, Abbess]Also known as

  • Bertilla



French noble in the reign of King Dagobert I. Friend and spiritual student of Saint Ouen of Rouen. Bertille wanted to enter religious life, but delayed and worried, thinking her parents would oppose her choice; they did not. Benedictine nun at the convent at Jouarre, Brie, France, an abbey founded by Saint Owen‘s brother Ado under the strict rule of Saint Columbanus. Infirmarian. Convent school headmistress. Prioress. Abbess of the abbey at Chelles from 646, when it was restored by Saint Bathildis, until her death. During this time the convent attracted nuns that included a queen, several Merovingian princesses, and many Anglo-Saxon noble women.




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