Saint Bruno of Würzburg

detail of a photograph of a stained glass window of Saint Bruno of Wurzburg, Lising, Austria by Martin Häusle; photographed in March 2007; swiped from the Wikipedia web siteMemorial


Son of Duke Conrad of Carinthia and the Baroness Matilda. Nephew of Pope Gregory V. Cousin to emperor Conrad II, and later a counselor to him. Great-nephew of Saint Bruno of Querfort. Younger than average when ordained. Bishop of Würzburg, Germany in 1033. Built the Cathedral of Saint Killian from his personal funds, and several parish churches in his diocese. Noted scholar and author, his best known work being a commentary on the Psalms. Peacemaker who ended the siege of Milan, Italy. Joined emperor Henry III on campaign against the Hungarians. Earned the popular title of Father of the poor through his charity.


  • 26 May 1045 in Persenberg (Bosenburg) (in modern Austria) when a building collapsed

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