Saint Dagobert II

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Dagobert II; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsMemorial


Born a Prince, the son of Saint Sigebert III, king of Austrasia, and Chimnechild of Burgundy. Upon Sigebert‘s death in 656 when Dagobert was still a child, the throne was stolen by Dagobert’s guardian Gimoald in order to make his own son, Childebert, king. Dagobert was kidnapped and exiled to Ireland and England where he was placed with Dido, bishop of Poitiers, France. He attended school at the court of the king. Friend of Saint Wilfred of York. He married an English princess, and had several children including Saint Irmina of Oehren and Saint Adela of Pfalzel. Fought against Theodercus III. Eventually recalled to Austrasia for a supposed reunion, he died in a “hunting accident” that most considered a murder committed to permanently remove him from the throne.






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