Saint Edith of Wilton

13th century illustration of Saint Edith of Wilton; swiped off the Wikipedia web site
Also known as

  • Eadgyth
  • Eadgith
  • Editha
  • Ediva



Daughter of King Edgar the Peaceable and Saint Wilfrida. Raised in the abbey in Wilton, England, which she never left. Educated at the royal court, learning to read, write, illuminate manuscripts, sew and embroider. Benedictine nun from age 15. Offered the position of abbess at three houses, and her father’s throne, but she refused them all. Built the Saint Denis Church at Wilton. Had a gift for communicating with wild animals. Saint Dunstan nursed her during her fatal illness, having received a vision of her passing.





Additional Information


She did not leave the world; she never knew it. - Roman Martyrology

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