Saint Epiphanius of Pavia

Also known as

  • Epiphanius the Peacemaker
  • Glory of Italy
  • Light of Bishops



Brother of Saint Honorata and Saint Liberata. Bishop of Pavia, Italy in 467 at age 28. Powerful and influential preacher with a reputation for sanctity, charity to the poor, and working miracles. At one time or another, he intervened for his parishioners with Emperor Anthemus, the Visigoth leader Euric, the Ostrogoth commander Theodoric, and the Burgundian Gonderbald. Ambassador to the court of Euric at Toulouse, France. Rebuilt Pavia after its destruction by invaders under Odoacer. Obtained the release of 6,000 of his parishioners captured by Gondebald; Ephiphanius died on his way home from the negotiations. One of the most influential Italian leaders during the collapse of the Western Roman Empire. His successor to the bishopric, Saint Ennodius, wrote a poetic panegyric about him.




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