Saint Juliana of Nicomedia

Saint Juliana of CumaeAlso known as

  • Juliana of Cumae



Daughter of a pagan named Africanus who promised the girl to a young noble named Evilase. Juliana put him off, first insisting that he become prefect of Nicomedia. When he became prefect, she insisted he become a Christian before they could marry, a condition he would never meet. Her father, who hated Christians himself, abused Juliana fearfully to get her to change her mind, but she held fast; ancients manuscripts describing these horrors put them in terms of her fighting a dragon, and she is often depicted that way in art. Evilase called her before the tribunal during the persecutions of Maximianus, denounced her as a Christian, and she was martyred. Hers was a favourite story, for telling and creation of stained glass and other art objects, during the Middle Ages.





  • young woman battling a winged devil
  • young woman being boiled
  • young woman chaining up a dragon
  • young woman chaining up and/or scourging the Devil
  • young woman in a cauldron
  • young woman leading a chained devil
  • young woman standing or sitting on a dragon
  • young woman wearing a crown on her head and a cross on her breast
  • naked young woman hanging by her hair


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