Saint Otto of Bamberg

[Saint Otto of Bamberg]
Also known as

  • Apostle of Pomerania
  • Father of Monks
  • Otho of Bamberg



Born to the Swabian nobility. Priest. Part of the household of Duke Ladislas of Poland. Entered the service of Emperor Henry IV in 1090. Chancellor in 1101. When Henry broke with Rome over the dispute of the investiture of bishops by Rome as opposed to local authorities, Otto was stuck in the middle – loyal to his emperor in matters of state, loyal to his pope in matters of spirit. Henry appointed him bishop, but Otto refused, claiming that only the true pope has such power. Henry agreed, and they journeyed to Rome where Otto was made Bishop of Bamberg. Established religious foundations, built churches, founded over 20 monasteries, and worked to heal the schism caused by Henry’s break with Rome. Preacher. Evangelized in Poland, converting 20,000 pagans.






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