Saint Senan

[Saint Senan]Also known as

  • Senames
  • Senan of Scattery
  • Senames of Inis Cathaigh



Apparently born to a Christian farm family. Educated by Saint Naul and a saintly monk named Cassidan. Monk at Kilmanagh (Kilkenny), Ireland. Founded a monastery at Enniscorthy, Ireland. Pilgrim to Rome, Italy and to Tours, France, a center of monasticism at the time. Founded several churches and monasteries including houses at Iniscarra, Ireland. Spiritual teacher of Saint Aiden of Lindesfarne. Aquaintance of Saint David of Wales, and friend of Saint Cannera of Inis Cathaig. In later life he retired to Inish Cathaig (Scattery Island) on the river Shannon; the river is believed to have been named for him. Bishop. Legend says that he chased away the Cathach, a type of monstrous sea serpent, from the island by ordering it, in the name of the Trinity, to depart.




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